Monday, May 17, 2010

Tomorrow's come a long long way to help you.

It's your Saving Grace. Steve Miller March 1970
What a line, what a grace. I have been feeling the weight of the world, and I had almost been defeated, but for a lass that gives me a kick in the pants, and then a Mothers healing kisses, and a lovers defiant allegiance.
Even though I have gained little purchase in my quicksand economic state I have been a graced with a lift of heart that gives me the ability to live beneath the deepest rubble.
She loves me still.

Friday, May 14, 2010

On the greener colorlined way.

On the other hand.
We just saw things, hoping others would see something neat too.

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.

Sometimes I feel as though I have led a most insipid and destructive life. At my age I had wished like my friends to have gained something on my own. But as situations would have it I only occupy the place I once thought mine to have and hold close. I need honest brutal assessments that I may make this last operative ten years something I might look back upon as a time better spent, better taken advantage of. I think. But I mostly think of me. I have to crush my heart to restart by admitting to those I have forgotten that I have truly not. I am just self absorbed and so isolated that no one comes to shake me loose. I am draining away like this. So the infection must be absorbed and the healing exposed. or I loose for the last time.
this was to be a blog exposing other injustices destructive to my existence not my own self inflicted disgraces..Just dump ones self out there and watch the crew flew. No one digs this shit but the shit digger. He's just stuck in it, z'all

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Money can bye me love.

Money is the root of all evil? Root as in Ginseng root, or Ginger root? Like a flavor or an aphrodisiac or a narcotic, it has both psychological and physiological influences that have embossing effects on the one in possession. Like heroin and speed in the same highball it can take a diminutive, non compelling, tragic figure and make changes the likes of which a heroin addict would be envious. It can give every situation a knew rush of conciseness. I know this because I have first hand knowledge. Poor is tragic, flush is a rush.............and you don't even have to inject it.

But like junk, the longer one has it, the more one is anesthetized to it, it becomes a way of being. Then you don't notice those around you that are without and suffering their situation. And if you do it is only the reflection of the pitiful personal self you want to forget, to be looked away from. Money and friends, what a strange pair, they should ignore each other and help the needy, like me. I know I don't make sense when I write. But who cares anyway?

Monday, May 3, 2010

First assholes, then idiots, then me.

I'd like to take a three lane highway and cram it up the ass of every one that has no idea how to drive on one. That goes for two lane ones too. There are only personalities, expressing themselves on the road. there are no law biders, no folks that use logic, just a bunch of rabid personalities showing their worst ass. Three lanes of idiots.
The right lane is my friend. It has all the attributes I look for in a lane. It has a view to the right, what other lane has that? Really, it is the lane with a view, and if you take advantage of that when the traffic is light, and there is a friend in the car, you can get a word in while looking that way.
Personally I hate folks that look at me while they are in the drivers seat, talk and look ahead, not at my head. But I digress.
The fact is you get no view in the left hand lane unless it's on coming traffic that you dig fixing on. and the center lane that gets the most occupants is shit for views, all you get is the ass end of the ones ahead and the ones that are passing on the left, and me, that guy passing on the right. Oh I love you right lane.
It's my lane. I go places in it when there is the population of Texas in the middle one and Alaska in the left. to be continued: And that snake....... he is still living, he was on a private road and I just shot him with the camera.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sha boob ee .....shaboopee

I have carved the deepest lines into the Rosetta stone of my life. Life has given me many tools with which to order reality. I have developed within me natural understandings of simple systems and how to apply them to more complex episodes.
these lines appear to look as haphazard as my attempts at cartooning or gesture drawing. My art is my eye. My hands understand techniques. I am ridiculously adept at replication. I draw with an excellent hand when showing complex structures. I can analyze technique and repeat it. Yet I am impossibly inept at drawing your picture, without taking way too much time for a real artist. As far as most other" artists" go I am not one of them by their standards, but theirs is not my impetus one way or the other. I respect certain of artists and theirs is the only respect I appreciate and when working cultivate.
The culture as it is is defeated in it's superfluous frolic. Fucking nuts.
The storm of political correctness is so overwhelming, so methodical. Each new law that results from thin skin, and fear makes this extraordinary period of man refusing his built in intuition, in favor of laws that tell us we can't call a spade a spade,or an asshole an asshole,without reprisal that comes from without the situation, rather than from within.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Your ass is grass!!

That's Bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!
Consciousness is legislated and That alone should be sufficient to start the revolution. It's not enough that all the mystical ingredients of elevated states of mind are outlawed, our access to knowledge and happenings of importance are indelibly stained, fractiously deformed, and drained of any truth, by the Magical Mystery Media Diabolic. There is only truth to the lie. The lie is a true lie, manufactured and performed by puppets that are so high up, that we have no thought of possible deceit or deception emanating from them. Instead we eat their deftly concocted stew as if it were a the only fare possible. We devour it and make our lives run parallel to it crossing it if possible and be a visible result of it, the big lie. This is not the only reality available to us. And we can change this reality dramatically if we change ourselves.
If ..... some rewired heady Monk on a mountainside in Tibet can mouth at the air while funnel clouds drop half way around the earth..... and if he is aware that he is hooked in..... if you could but fathom the interrelatedness of all things, all energies.....then there might be change.